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Company history

Recognizing the increasing need for independent professional Project Management  expertise, T-Gradin started out, in the year 2000, as a support group to plant owners and plant operators. Nowadays, T-Gradin supports asset owners and operators, trading companies, enigneering firms, construction contractors, investors and many more. Over years, T-Gradin has grown to a full scope support organization capable to develope and execute almost any investment project in any sector. Key to our success is control over expertise and experience and the strong whish to support our clients without restrictions.

Our team works hard to achieve amazing results.

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The ultimate chances for a project to be completed successfully, is almost exclusively determined by the quality of the Project Management function. The Project Management function is being determined by a hand full of key players in any project organization. These key players combine the disciplines and functionality that are required to effectively control a project. T-Gradin has full focus on these disciplines, such as :

  • Planning
  • Estimating
  • Procurement
  • Subcontracting
  • Cost Engineering
  • Process Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Construction Management


Our approaches are well-established and proven. With a significant track record in various industries and an impressive client list. We are experienced in oil and gas, chemicals, offshore, bulk storage and logistics, food and a few simular industries. T-Gradin is prepared to bring your investment project to success. We build around expertise and experience, independence and focus.

Expertise and experience T-Gradin provides access to world class Project Management professionals, developed ways of working and Project Management expertise – the ultimate ingredients to deliver top class projects.

Independence T-Gradin is fully independent, there are no ties with engineering firms, construction contractors, vendors or any other significant accounts on your project. Full independence creates the potential to really align project execution with your objectives.

Focus Being independent, T-Gradin has the capability to look at your project as you would do yourself. We may work within your team, look with your eyes, and control your interests, assets and values.