Project development

Utilize top level expertise to cater for high-end strategic project plans. From business opportunity to basic design and project execution plans.

Project results

Let experience and expertise lead your project to success, rather than anything else. From business case, engineering, construction to successful startup.

Staffing solutions

Use top level competent staff, well fit, into your project organization. From top to bottom, functionalities in your Project Management team.


Professional Contracting and Purchase guaranteed positive project results. The risk of project execution is for the party that is best capable of handling the risk.

Welcome to T-Gradin

Welcome to the Project Management organization of choice. Over the years T-Gradin has demonstrated to be reliable and competent in Project development and Project Execution management. We deliver project results in almost any industrial sector and beyond. These results obviously include project management, contracting, engineering, safety and quality, schedule, budgets and many more. Don’t take our word for it. Check some of our clients up front and assure yourself. T-Gradin offers you a tailor made support fit to your project.  No matter if your project is an “cradle” stage or well underway.  T-Gradin support projects all the way, that is from business opportunity to startup of a new or refurbished facility. T-Gradin can be your partner to develop a business case, take responsibility and execute your project.

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