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Grass roots storage terminal


Westpoort – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2009 client is started with the construction of the Westpoort Tank terminal in Amsterdam.  This “stat-of-the-art Terminal has a storage capacity of 1.120.000 m3 and will be used for the storage, handling and mixing of petrol, diesel and gas-oil etc.

The scope for this T-Gradin project was the Construction Management of the EPC contractor during the construction of all storage tanks, manifold, Jetty (s) with loading arms, fire-fight systems and control room.   The tanks have a capacity of 10,000 m3 respectively, 20,000 m3 and 50,000 m3 and a height of about 25 mtr.   Each storage tank is equipped with a floating roof and a vaulted roof.  Foil underneath the tanks as well as leak detection offers full protection to the soil.

T-Gradin has, during the construction period, in collaboration with client, managed a complete construction management team .  In addition, there are various adjustments or changes carried out after commissioning where T-Gradin has a leading role.


  • Construction Management
  • SHE-Management
  • QA/QC
  • Document control
  • Contracts Management
  • Construction Supervision