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T-Gradin has developed a vast experience in successful execution of major projects in various industries. Project values range from € 1 – 300 million and include grass root facilities as well as revamps and turn arounds. The majority of projects are executed in the areas:

  • Oil & Refining
  • Bio fuels
  • Chemical / oil storage and logistics
  • (Petro-) Chemicals
  • Food Industrie
  • (Bio) Energy

Some example projects are listed below, but feel free to contact us for more references.

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Grass roots storage terminal

Vopak, Westpoort Amsterdam
In 2009 client is started with the construction of the Westpoort Tank terminal in Amsterdam.  This “stat-of-the-art Terminal has a storage capacity of 1.120.000 m3 and will be used for the storage, handling and mixing of petrol, diesel and gas-oil etc.



Bio ethanol plant

Cargill, Bergen op Zoom
For strategic considerations, Client decided to convert, on its site in Bergen op Zoom, a former corn factory into a bio-ethanol production facility that produces ethanol from waste streams.   In this new facility, sustainable biomass will be…



Chemical plant extension

Kolb, Moerdijk
By means of this project, the alcoxylerings capacity of the client is significantly extended. The scope for this project consisted of a new reaction unit, expansion of utilities, extension of tank storage, new loading and unloading equipment…



Tank Terminal project

Hydrocarbon Hotel, Amsterdam
Hydro carbon Hotel (a joint venture between Argos Oil and Harvest Energy) is a new fuel terminal in the Western port area of Amsterdam. The project consist the development and construction of a greenfield Tank Terminal of approx..140,000 m3, including…



Petro/Chemical Industry

Shin Etsu, Botlek & Pernis Rotterdam
For this client T-Gradin provides since long time the Project management for various expansion projects on both the Botlek-if Pernis site. On the Botlek…site is the production of Vinyl chloride monomer (VC) and on the Pernis site this VC will be further processed into…



EPC Project Recovery

At the request of a reputable Tank Terminal owner,  T-Gradin was ask to supports the client and EPC contractor,  to keep a less successful Terminal Expansion project on track. Major issues with planning, quality and budget, the project was brought in serious danger…

Bio energy power plant

Eneco, Delfzijl
In the Delfzijl Port area, Eneco has developed and build, the project “Golden Raand”,  a bio-energy power plant of 49.9 Megawatts.  Every year, 300,000 tonnes of wood chips will be processed in Power Plant, to provide 120,000 households with…