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Capex program management

Shin Etsu

Botlek & Pernis Rotterdam, The Netherlands

For this client T-Gradin provides since long time the Project management for various expansion projects on both the Botlek-if Pernis site.   On the Botlek site is the production of Vinyl chloride monomer (VC) and on the Pernis site this VC will be further processed into PVC granules.

Some of the projects of the last years, in which the entire project Management by T-Gradin has been taken care of, and where T-Gradin even fulfilled the role of Managing Contractor, includes;

  • “Fornuis project,”
  • “PVC expansion project”
  • “Re-instrumentation project”
  • “VC project”
  • “Replacement Oxy reactors”

In addition, T-Gradin is also involved in the continuous plant change projects and plant-stops.

The success of these projects is achieved by the integrated teams of experienced Project Management professionals and technical specialists from both, the client and T-Gradin.