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Bio ethanol plant


Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

For strategic considerations, Client decided to convert, on its site in Bergen op Zoom, a former corn factory into a bio-ethanol production facility that produces ethanol from waste streams.   In this new facility, sustainable biomass will be produced from side-streams off with difficult excavate starch  and converted to ethanol for biofuels or other industrial applications.  This gives this factory a clear and contribution to the bio-based economy.

The many interfaces with existing installations and location, partial demolition and partly de-assembly of the existing factory as well as optimized to applicability for use within the new factory of third party equipment, typify this project as “Green/Brown field”.

The scope of this project consisted of:

  • Plot clearance
  • De-assembly off equipment and piping reuse.
  • Purchase and modification off used equipment of third party.
  • Purchase and construction off new equipment.

T-Gradin this support this project in close collaboration with Cargill performed with an integrated Project management team.


  • Overall Project Management
  • Engineering management
  • Construction management
  • Safety strategy and supervision
  • Project Controls
  • Contracting support