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Bio energy power plant


Delfzijl, The Netherlands

In the Delfzijl Port area, Eneco has developed and build, the project “Golden Raand”,  a bio-energy power plant of 49.9 Megawatts.  Every year, 300,000 tonnes of wood chips will be processed in Power Plant, to provide 120,000 households with electricity.   The wood chips are burned in a combustion boiler, where the combustion heat is used to produce steam. This steam drives a steam turbine and a generator.  The generator will ultimately produce the electricity.

T-Gradin has support Eneco, during the preparatory phase with determining project strategy and the tender management.   During the construction of the Power plant T-Gradin has supported the construction team with some disciplines, such as: Project Document Control, Project Secretariat and construction supervision.